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Transcript for the hearing impaired:  "Hi, I'm Kelly Kinney Lee with Kinney Billiard sales.  Today I'm going to show you how to buy a pool table.  The first of the three main components to look for when buying a good quality pool table is the rail rubber.  This is how you're used to seeing a pool table.  It's all set up, the cloth is on the table, but underneath the cloth on the rail rubber this is actually what it looks like. This is a Presidential Billiards Rail.  This is how it comes to the store.  You can see the rail rubber is exposed and this is adhered by a glue, an adhesive.  And here are some examples of rail rubber.  I've got the Brunswick Superspeed rail rubber and the Olhausen Accu-fast rail rubber.  And this should be very firm to the touch.  How you know if you're rail rubber has gone bad is if it is rock hard or if it is really mushy.  This one, for example, has gotten really brittle and you can see it can just bust apart and you can't do that on good rail rubber.  The other thing is going to be the slate. Which is underneath this cloth here and I've got a pool table that's not set up all the way and I'm going to show that to you.  This is a Legacy Billiards pool table that we have that's not set up yet. This is what the slate looks like underneath the cloth and it's in three pieces.  You can see the seams here.   And when it's all put together it's bolted down and leveled and the seams are covered with beeswax so you shouldn't even be able to tell it has three piesces of slate.  You want one inch three piece slate, preferrably Italian or Brazilian slate but Chinese slate has gotten really good over the last few years.  The slate is very heavy, it's going to be about 200 pounds per piece of slate which leads me to the third component of a good quality pool table and that is construction.  you want to make sure you have a really good quality constructed pool table that's not going to bow or buckle under the weight of the slate.  And I'm going to show you a really good example of that.  This is a really old pool table that we have in our showroom just to show what can happen over time on a poorly constructed pool table.  It's kind of hard to tell on the video but this has a bow on it, it dips down in the middle and you can see it on this table, so that's really bad.  Just to recap, the three most important parts of a pool table are the rail rubber, the slate, and the construction.  The next thing you really want to look at is what brand pool table are you going to get.  You can do your own independent research by looking online.  There are actually reviewers and right now Olhausen is listed as the number one brand in the world and Brunswick is right behind them.  You want to look for years in business, longevity.  Chances are if the company has been in business for a long time, they have a good quality product and very satisfied customers.  You also want to look at the warranty.  Is there a lifetime warranty on the pool table?  And again, the warranty ties back to the manufacturer because the warranty is only as good as the person selling the warranty.  Any Joe Blow can say they have a lifetime warranty but if they're only going to be around for a year, the warranty is useless.  The other thing to think about is delivery.  The pool table is heavy, it will range between 700 and 1,200 pounds depending on if it is three quarter inch unframed slate or one inch framed slate or if the pool table is solid wood or not.  It's also very technically challenging to get a pool table set up and leveled and get the cloth on perfect.  So, in my opinion, it is worth it to get professional delivery and installation.  You want to make sure that is something that is either included in the price or something you can add on. Every store does it differently. At Kinney Billiard Sales, we include in the price your choice of cloth color, professional delivery and installation as well as accessories.  You're going to need pool cues, billiard balls, 8 and 9 ball rack, dust cover, bridge stick.  So, that's another thing to think about in the cost of the pool table.  We're going to have some more videos and some more information if you want to check out our website www.kinneybilliards.com. Thank you!"


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